Test Your Knowledge With This Trivia Quiz Questions

Test Your Knowledge With This Trivia Quiz Questions

Looking to check your general knowledge? You have come to the right place! Test your knowledge with this trivia quiz questions and check how much do you know about things related to TV, Movies, Surrounding, etc.

Trivia questions and quizzes like these will definitely let you check your knowledge about yourself. We have lots and lots of quizes like these on our website. Please visit here and keep playing – The Quiz Website

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  • Which word contains the possessive form of the pronoun ‘thou’?

    • Healthy
    • Citation
    • Startled
    • Detention
  • How old was Marilyn Monroe when she first married?

    • 21
    • 16
    • 20
    • 18
  • Which of these is a city in Sri Lanka?

    • Sueets
    • Shuga
    • Kandy
    • Chokolat
  • Which actress played Jinx in the 2002 film “Die Another Day”?

    • Elektra King
    • Diana Rigg
    • Halle Berry
    • Miranda Frost
  • If something is ‘soporific’, what does it cause?

    • Panic
    • Sleep
    • Pain
    • Tissue Decay
  • Which of these English football teams has the most vowels (excluding Y) in its name?

    • Liverpool
    • Sunderland
    • Stoke City
    • Arsenal
  • What colour is ‘sepia’?

    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Red-brown
    • Pink
  • Which US state is named after a queen of England?

    • Maryland
    • South Carolina
    • North Dakota
    • Louisiana
  • According to the Edward Lear poem “The Owl And The Pussycat”, what did the owl sing to?

    • A heavenly harp
    • A large piano
    • A small guitar
    • A sweet violin
  • 1980s hit “I Wanna Know What Love Is”: ‘In case I need it when I’m WHAT’?

    • Hungry
    • Richer
    • Dead
    • Older


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