Let’s See What You Know About Game of Thrones Quiz?

Let’s See What You Know About Game of Thrones?

The latest season of one of the post popular show Game of Thrones is out. We are bringing you this game of thrones game to check how much sincerely you have seen the show.

From game of thrones cast, game of thrones season 1 to game of thrones season 7 we have tried and included most of the questions.

This quiz probably includes questions about all the game of thrones characters. So what are you waiting for? Get your game of thrones map out and start playing this quiz.

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Bet You Cannot Pass This Games of Thrones Quiz

  • What is the name of the continent on which most of the action of “Game of Thrones” takes place?

    • Westeros
    • Easteros
    • Southeros
    • Northeros
  • At the end of season 2, Joffrey Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne, but which Baratheon is actually the rightful king?

    • Renly Baratheon
    • Steffon Baratheon
    • Cersei Lannister Baratheon
    • Stannis Baratheon
  • In 2011, which actor who plays Tyrion Lannister, won the Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series?

    • Peter Dinklage
    • Jack Gleeson
    • Aidan Gillen
    • Iain Glen
  • Aside from being Master of Coin and a member of the King’s Small Council, the character of Peter “Littlefinger” Baelish from King’s Landing also runs what kind of business?

    • Brothel
    • Slave Trade
    • Ship Building
    • Gold
  • What is the name of Arya Stark’s sword?

    • Spear
    • Needle
    • Slash
    • Lion
  • By what name do the Seven Kingdoms refer to the Free Folk who live in north beyond the Wall?

    • Wildlings
    • Barbarians
    • Savages
    • Hostiles
  • Which of the following is not a position on King Joffrey Baratheon’s small council?

    • The Hand of the King
    • Master of Whisperers
    • Master of Ships
    • Master of Seas
  • Which position on the king’s small council is his closest adviser and has the power to make decisions in the king’s absence?

    • Lord to the Throne
    • Queen Regent
    • Hand of the King
    • Master of the Realm
  • For what reason was Hand of the King Eddard (Ned) Stark executed?

    • Challenging Joffrey’s right to be king
    • Responsibility for the death of King Robert
    • Plotting to kill Joffrey’s mother Cersei
    • Refusing to allow King Joffrey to marry his daughter Sansa
  • Daenerys Targaryen has three children. These “children” are actually what?

    • Dragons
    • Wolves
    • Unicorns
    • Lions


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